Service Center  

The PRCC has a officially appointed member service providers/ Our membership commercial service for the companies and individuals.

The services include helping the American companies, its members, to enter the Asia Pacific countries and market, helping the Asia Pacific companies to enter the international market by providing marketing plan and other relating services, helping its members to know the develops and business chances in the international market promptly, Advancing its members’ competitiveness, and helping its members to profit in the international trading, investment, business, education, and media market. It also provides consultation service in business training, education, and exchange.

PRCC helps American companies to find the commercial partners in Asia Pacific countries, and provides the information in the investment regulations and laws. We provides the free information about the American commercial policies and laws on its website, helps American companies to develop economically. It also helps companies to develop a good relationship with the foreign governments. It also provides the consultation services in international investment and immigration. It can provide perfect and professional services to its members and clients.

Global economic will be unified further more in the future, and the market will be leaded by the customers. For advancing their competitiveness, small and middle size companies must create strategical partner relationship with other companies to succeed in their business. The members of AMSC will cooperate with each other. This business resource will bring members the advantage of competitive position. We welcome you to be a member of the PRCC . 

 One-Stop Service Center

✔ one stop link to sprint you ahead!

✔ serving as a one-stop service center,PRCC take care of everything for your business!

✔ We do it as well that we are always one step ahead,providing professional consultation that will keep your business ahead of competition.

✔  You are in the hands of do not have to be physically here to see to things.  


✔ Help business expand or/and open their business in the  Pacific Rim area.

✔ Help business setting up promotions for Trade, Tourism, Technology Transfer and Cultural Exchange as well as Financing programs.

✔ Give workshops and seminars.

✔ Help business establish a good relationship with governmental agencies and trade associations.

✔ Assist business through their major advertising agencies and public relations companies in establishing communications and promotions programs with the exploding populations of ethnic groups in the U.S.

✔ Help business enter the international broadcasting and internet markets. Program syndications in sports, movies, and music.

✔ Quick visa applications.    



Information Solution

On products, markets and companies; 


Intermediary Solution

To bring companies together,

To organize business study trips,

To arrange meetings and visits;


Policy Consultancy

Lobbying activities, financial investment, development policy, legal advice, feasibility study;


Management Consultancy

Cross-culture communication, human resources;


Marketing & Sales

Marketing and sales strategies, product development, design, promotion, market studies & research,move today's ideas from the lab to the marketplace;


Business Solution

Setting up your business, help desk, office premises and facilities, recruiting personnel, translation services;


Show & Publicity

Promotion international exhibitions, product promotion, press conferences, seminars and receptions;


Travel Solution

Ticketing, Accommodation, Sight-seeing.


VPN(Virtual Private Network) Solution

Unblock web sites like google,Facebook and YouTube.

The network foundation for your business communications. 

Virtual Office
What's this?

A virtual office provides communication and address services without providing dedicated office space.[1] It differs from "office business centers" or "executive suites", which do provide office space.


Mail Plan $600

-  Full use of our prestigious address
-  Receipt of your mail and packages 


Phone Number Plan $100( each line)

-  Full use of our prestigious address
-  Dedicated phone number
-  Live phone attending
-  Individual voicemail box with 24-hour remote access


Standard Phone and Mail Plan $900

-  Full use of our prestigious address
-  Receipt of your mail and packages *
-  Dedicated phone and fax numbers
-  Live phone attending
-  Individual voicemail box with 24-hour remote access


Enhanced Phone and Mail Plan $1500

-  Full use of our prestigious address
-  Receipt of your mail and packages *
-  Dedicated phone and fax numbers
-  Live phone attending
-  Individual voicemail box with 24-hour remote access
-  6 hours of conference room usage per month



-  City/Town centre
-  Business park location
-  Major transport links


On Site

-  24 hour access
-  Business Lounge
-  Meeting Rooms
-  Parking
-  Disabled facilities
-  Elevator
-  Temp control 


Technical Facilities

-  RegusNet high speed internet access
-  Voicemail 


People Services

-  On-Site Sandwich / Coffee Bar